Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lydia Petersen's Debut Novel is Just Her Beginning

Action.  Adventure.  Humor.  Some romance.  Put it all together, add a bit of magic and you have a great story by my newest Diamond Lydia R. Petersen called "The Seven Thrones:  Book One of the Epta Chronicles."

This is a fantasy/paranormal novel.  To give you an idea of what kind of paranormal it is, take a look at the synopsis as written on Amazon:

"Lady Athelia is thrust into a world of responsibility and intrigue as she is chosen by the Council to serve as one of the seven rulers of Epta.  Embarking on a quest to save the life of one of her subjects, she much learn who among her new companions can be trusted and who among her old friends will remain loyal.  Will they discover the traitor in time?  Will the young rulers have the wisdom to be the defenders of Epta?  Who among them will survive?"

The story is well written and just so smart.  The voice in my head read the entire thing in a British accent, because that's how it a sophisticated work of art written by someone with a degree in creative writing.

Surprisingly, though, the author is just 16 years old.

WHAT?!?!?!  Yep.  I'll be following her closely.  If she can write this fantastic book at 16, I can only imagine what she'll be writing at 26!

Now, the beginning started off a bit slow.  And a couple of the character names were so similar that when they were both discussed in a scene, it could get confusing.  But other than that, it was wonderful.  The visual descriptions Ms. Petersen created were so vivid, I could actually imagine this being a box office hit.  If it was done the right way, it could be a stunning movie.

"The Seven Thrones" was entertaining and kept me wanting to know more about the characters. And with absolutely no foul language and nothing even remotely close to overly romantic scenes, I feel perfectly comfortable and confident putting this on my 12 year old daughter's Kindle for her to read.  

Whether you or your child or both read it, you'll love it.  You can get it by clicking here.

I predict Lydia Petersen is going to have a long and very successful career.  She earns a magical

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